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Cres Cor's Hot Cabinets, Ovens, Utility Cabinets, Racks, Dollies and a host of other Cres Cor quality products.

Reasons to choose Cres Cor

  • Offer a wide variety of ENERGY STAR products
  • A dedicated Cres Cor Consultants center complete with literature and CAD files for design
  • Cres Cor’s video library offers video guidance on new equipment, operating tips, maintenance, and more
  • Exclusive Cres Core online store for accessories and replacement parts
  • Cres Cor Mobile App for iPhone, Android and Tablets
  • QR Code Access for all products

Cres Cor is your committed K-12 Partner

Cres Cor offers the best in non-venting ovens and companion heated cabinets to simplify your K-12 foodservice operation. With options for humidity, preset menus and probe cooking, the QuikTherm™ Cook and Hold Convection Oven from Cres Cor is versatile and customizable to your needs.

Cres Cor understands the challenges you face as school foodservice professionals each and every day in your mission to provide millions of our school children hot, safe and nutritious snacks and meals. For 80 years, Cres Cor has been designing easy to use, simple to clean, food safe, dependable and multifunction mobile equipment that meet your needs. You can depend on Cres Cor for every application, from Hot Food Holding, Proofing and Food Prep/Supply/Pan Storage to Transporting and Rethermalizing. And Cres Cor equipment works so flawlessly that every piece comes with a strong 5 YEAR WARRANTY for K-12 installations.


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