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Town Commercial Chinese Smokehouses

Versatile Commercial Chinese Smokehouse and Roaster

Town’s MasterRange smokehouses blend Asian and western techniques to produce juicy, lean barbecue, and smoked products. Our commercial Chinese smokehouses handle a wide variety of applications, including: smoking fish, meat, sausage, cheese and jerky, plus barbecue. Fowl and suckling pig can be hung and barbecued, using optional barbecue utensils. Fish or roasts can be placed on optional racks; use the woodchip box (sold separately) to “cold smoke.” These commercial Asian smokehouses barbecue quickly, while producing a delicious “cold smoke” flavor.

Multiple sizes available for your operational needs

  • SM-24 (24” wide)
  • SM-30 (30” wide)
  • SM-36 (36” wide)

Designed with a blend of Asian and Western techniques to produce juice, lean barbecue, and smoked products.

  • Smoked fish, meat, sausage, cheese, and jerky, plus barbeque applications
  • Using additional options and accessories, you can barbeque fowl and suckling pig or even “cold smoke” fish or roasts with racks and the woodchip box
  • Available in 304 stainless steel or galvanized steel to meet your preference

Engineered for maximum efficiency and long-lasting durability

  • Double-wall insulated body
  • Durable cast iron door latches
  • Stainless steel drip self above to protect the control system
  • A pressure regulator and stainless-steel water pan are supplied
  • Mounted on tubular stainless steel legs and adjustable feet